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ISSN : 2288-1115(Print)
ISSN : 2288-1123(Online)
Korean Journal of Ecology and Environment Vol.52 No.4 pp.316-323

A Study on the Characteristics of River Sediments in Watershed Environment of Nakdong River

Kwonchul Lee, Shin Kim, Deukseok Yang, Soojung Park, Hyungi Jeong, Kyuyeol Lee1,*
National Institute of Environmental Research, Nakdong River Environmental Research Center
1Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office
* Corresponding author: Tel: +82-52-228-5803, Fax: +82-52-228-5889


This study was carried out to investigate sedimentary environment changes in Nakdong River sediments. For this purpose, sediments at six sites upstream of Gangjeong-Goryung Weir in the middle of the Nakdong River were collected before and after the rainy season. Particles size, IL, TOC, TN, TP, and SRP were analyzed for the sediment environment. The changes in the watershed environment before and after the rainy season (precipitation, discharge, and SS concentration) were investigated. After the rainy season, the amount of precipitation and discharge increased more than three times, and the average concentration of SS in the stream increased more than two times. Fine grained sediment and the concentrations of IL, TOC, TN, TP, SRP were increased after the rainy season. As a result of sediment contamination assessment, IL was 19~68% of the reference value, TN and TP were 21~76% and 21~58% of the reference value. The result showed strong correlation between particle size (Silt+Clay) and organic contents of sediment (IL, TOC, TN, TP and SRP). It is considered that the change of the river watershed environment (precipitation, discharge) is an important factor of the change of sedimentation environment.

낙동강 수계의 유역환경 변화에 따른 퇴적환경 특성

이권철, 김 신,양득석, 박수정, 정현기, 이규열1,*
국립환경과학원 낙동강물환경연구소, 1낙동강유역환경청